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ETS Jet Engine Stands Inc, brings more than 100+ years of combined aviation and ground support equipment experience to fulfill your engine transportation, storage and maintenance stand needs.  Rest assured, you have found your trustworthy, one-stop partner.  


Whether you are transporting, storing or maintaining your engine , ETS has the jet engine stand for you.  Our stands are fabricated from structural steel conforming to ASTM A500 and A36 materials.  All bolted connections use Grade 8 zinc plated or stainless steel hardware.  Designs are in accordance with SAE Aerospace document ARP1840.  Our vibration isolators (shock mounts) are engineered to provide maximum protection.


We also have in house engineering which designs and monitors our manufacturing processes and will work with customers on custom design or specialty requirements.  All of our stands have casters, tow bars, are boot strap compliant and come with skydrol resistant paint.  We also offer a limited warranty, 18 months from the date of purchase 

If you have specific needs or need a program tailored to your operation, please contact us. 

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